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Drawing on my personal experience and training I offer reality based guidance and effective approaches to improve individual and organizational performance and change.

As your Coach, I guide you and your organization through processes to develop your own Core Values and Align your outcomes accordingly. This can be a set of exercises with or without ongoing mentoring.

Key concepts: Core Values; Vision; and Mission


In a Consulting role,  I analyze your business and business needs to accomplish Your goals. This includes developing you Operational goals and aligning it with your stated mission and clarifying your own or your organization’s Unique Value Add Proposition.


Key concepts: Develop a Business Strategy aligned with Core Values, Vision and Mission; SWOT analysis; clarify organization competitive position (niche, stable, growth, visionary, leadership)


Explore concepts with you such as the Magic Quadrant; The Hedgehog Effect; High Performance Teams; Does it make sense for your organization to see everyone as an Owner.

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