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Paying for Services

Careful consideration should be taken when you decide on which services you choose and the method you use to make payments.

Self Pay

Non therapeutic services are not covered by insurance. These include Hypnosis, EFT, Professional Business Coaching and Consulting. We can discuss these fees when you contact me.

There are certain advantages for some people to not using your mental health benefits:

  You maintain control over when and how often you receive care.

  Your personal information is not disclosed to an insurance company or   

  placed into the Medical Information Bureau data base.

Using Insurance Benefits

Should you choose to use your insurance for counseling, the insurance company may require pre-authorization and they may limit the number and frequency of sessions. You will have to satisfy your deductible and coinsurance as well pay your copay. I am on many insurance panels. You can check them directly or inquire when you call me.

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